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Norton Team Endurance was founded in 2001 to help
a number of runners prepare for the task of completing
and qualifying for the boston marathon. We found
many of these runners training for marathons lack
proper runnersístability due to muscular imbalance. As
their training mileage increase, these muscles are being
stressed, which produces muscle fiber breakdown, causing
injuries, not just in training but during the marathon
Your Coach
A USA Track and Field Level I Certified, over 5 years
coaching adult runners. An experienced marathon
runner and participant in many local 5k Road Races.
Completed over 14 marathons, including 6 Boston
Marathons. A specialist in evaluating the Biomechanics
of distance runners. Coached numerous young
athletes competing at the High School level and Post-
Collegiate runners improve their running form using
the principles of Biomechanics. Improved marathon
performance for experienced runners.
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A specialist in the Runnerís
Biomechanical Muscular Alignment

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